Tony Griffin

Master Setup 4 Impact Golf Instructor | North Carolina

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Tony first discovered the joy of golf at age 11 after tagging along with his father to the local driving ranges. His natural ability was useful, taking him through his  teen years and all the way through adulthood and into retirement with virtually no formal instruction.

He has played local, state and regional level competitive golf all through the years and upon retirement had a desire to refresh the skills that had receded over the years.

After a few lessons on the conventional golf swing without improvement, Tony searched for a way to revitalize his golf game.

The conventional golf swing is very complicated, he began looking for something simple to understand and easy to perform, something that wouldn’t take months or years and dozens of lessons to improve.

In late 2015 he discovered Kirk Junge’s YouTube Setup 4 Impact videos. After seeing the simplicity of the method, he began working with Kirk through the  video lesson program. Within 2 or 3 weeks he saw a marked improvement. 

In 2018 he was able to shoot his age for the first time, carding a 63.

Shortly after beginning his change to Setup 4 Impact, Tony found he had a desire to teach this golf swing. The simplicity of the method combined with the drills helped many of his students improve quickly.

Tony became the first Setup 4 Impact Certified Instructor soon after certification was offered.

Located in the central NC area (Sanford), 25 minutes from Pinehurst and about an
hour each from the cities of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro and Fayetteville, Tony offers personal lessons, One Day Schools and joins Kirk several times per year at Three Day Schools as an instructor.


In person lessons in Central North Carolina


Please keep in mind that  Setup 4 impact Golf swing lessons are FAR more effective than conventional golf swing lessons. In many cases, my students are very satisfied after just a couple of lessons. Most golfers never improve playing conventional golf even after taking years of lessons. Many of my customers had taken thousands of dollars of lessons with no improvement. With Setup 4 Impact Golf you will definitely improve without the need to take lessons forever. With the video analysis, you will see your improvement as we work on your swing. You will be able to compare your swing before we started to how it is now. You can and WILL improve!


  • 1 hour $140
  • additional hours $120/hr
  • Add $60 per hour for an additional person


Central North Carolina