a simple
body friendly
Golf Swing

The Setup 4 Impact method is easier, because it simplifies your existing golf swing. 

Developed from years of playing and teaching experience, Kirk Junge’s Setup 4 Impact is the fastest way to learn to swing a golf club with confidence. Longer, straighter golf shots will be the reward of all the effort you put into your new single plane golf swing.  

Kirk recently proved how amazing the Setup 4 Impact swing is by winning the Senior division of the 2023 United States Golf Teachers Cup in Las Vegas with a score of 4 under par for 36 holes in difficult conditions, over a top field of USGTF certified golf instructors. He won by six shots, after finishing second over the past two years. It was mainly due to his simplified Setup 4 Impact golf swing and simple set of drills that anybody can learn to play their best possible golf. 

To see this type of single plane swing in action, you don’t have to look any farther than the PGA Tour and multi-title winner Bryson DeChambeau. 

His swing motion is very similar to Setup 4 Impact, even in the terminology he uses to describe it! Bryon’s swing showcases all the benefits of Setup 4 Impact from accuracy to power. 

Kirk Junge has taken all the lessons learned from the greats such as Moe Norman, Bill Mehlhorn, Dave Pelz and many more. Setup 4 Impact is a golf swing that is easy to repeat and easy on your body!

Are you Frustrated at golf and not improving?

Have you wanted to quit more than a dozen times? Would you love to shoot your best score ever?

Do any of the following points describe your current game?

  • Back pain makes it hard to enjoy playing a round let alone play well.
  • You are hitting the ball shorter, and shorter every year.
  • You are embarrassed with how badly you have been playing.
  • You have tried everything to improve, but nothing has helped for long.
  • You used to enjoy playing golf, but now it is only frustrating.
  • You have wasted a lot of money trying to improve to no avail.
  • You would love to play good golf for many more years, but because of the frustration you are thinking of doing something else instead.





I have come up with the MOST simple solution to improving your complete golf game.


To prove it I am going to give you the main information right now. Instead of making you read hundreds of lines of babble like most golf instructors do. Most go on and on wasting more and more of your precious time. 

My Goal in teaching is to help you improve starting TODAY.

  • I want you to learn to hit the ball straight down the fairway more often. Not every time like some promise as even the best players in the world only hit around 70% of the time. We need realistic expectations. Honesty!
  • I want you to feel confident that you will play well every time you go to the golf course
  • I want to you feel comfortable with your game no matter who you are playing with.
  • I will teach you how to swing the club in a natural athletic manner which matches your abilities. We will not waste time trying to swing like someone else, which has proven to be impossible. I will fit the simple concept to you.
  • I will help you to play as pain free as possible.
  • I want you to help you reach all your golfing goals, whether it is to shoot your best score ever, lower your handicap, take money from your buddies, or just play more consistently than you have in years. 
  • I expect you to begin improving right away. If you are getting worse than we have to quickly find the simple solution for you. 




Conventional vs. Setup 4 Impact

So what is the difference between the conventional golf swing and the Setup 4 Impact method? 

The biggest difference you’ll find is in the way we Setup to hit a golf shot. The most important moment of the golf swing is IMPACT. By getting yourself setup in a position that is very close to your impact position, it becomes much easier to return the club with a square face and hit longer, straighter shots.

Setup 4 Impact brings your arms into the same alignment they’ll be in when you hit the ball to take out unnecessary timing and compensations, leaving you with an easy to repeat swing. Conventional golf instruction sets up with the hands hanging below the shoulders, which leads to a complicated series of motions to time the club face to square up through impact, all while trying to find room to get back to the ball as your arms straighten an average of four inches from setup.

Talk about difficult!

Setup 4 Impact brings you close to your impact position and allows you to simplify. Turn back, turn through, watch another great shot land on the green or in the fairway!

Setup Impact Kirk Junge

Similar methods vs Setup 4 Impact

How does Setup 4 Impact stack up against other similar methods?

Kirk Junge spent time studying many unconventional swings since 1996, along with studying the modern golf swing used by the top tour players in the world. Kirk took the feedback from his students and made changes to many of the top unconventional swings he previously taught, ultimately creating Setup 4 Impact. While Setup 4 Impact is influenced by the some of the previous methods he taught, it does not place any restrictions on golfers, allowing you to fully customize your swing to suit you.

Many other methods have you completely recreating another person’s swing in every way. Except that nobody ever achieved the results that copied player had. 

With Setup 4 Impact, you gain the advantages of setting up with your wrists in an uncocked (ulnar deviated) position which is exactly how they will be at impact, from there I teach you how to customize the grip, distance from the ball, stance width and many other factors to make it easier to swing on a single plane back and through for every golf shot you will play. Everything in Setup 4 Impact is about you and the way your setup position works. After all, it is YOUR golf swing!

is Bryson Dechambeau setup 4 impact?

Bryson has proven that a single plane golf swing can be competitive and powerful at the same time. Is he Setup 4 Impact?

Bryson calls his swing “Zero Shift”, but has also said that he sets himself up for impact. He has used the same terminology as Setup 4 Impact and his method is so close, we consider him part of the S4I family.

He sets himself close to his impact position at the start of his swing, bringing his hands up and down the same single plane throughout. Bryson’s swing is a great example of how to customize a Setup 4 Impact swing. His setup, backswing and impact position are exactly what a single plane swing should be, and he has found a grip and stance that suits his impact position perfectly. 

Minimalist v.s. Setup 4 impact

Before Setup 4 Impact, there was the Minimalist swing that impacted the ball on a single plane, which was tweaked and evolved into what we know as S4I today. This swing was created by Kirk Junge to help golfers begin simplifying their approach to the game and stop the dreaded slice that affects so many amateur players today.

What’s the difference between the Minimalist Swing and Setup 4 Impact?

We like to think of it like another customization of the S4I swing instead of a separate swing. It follows the same principles as Setup 4 Impact does, but sets the body in a position that further simplifies the backswing in an effort to help stop the “over the top” move that many golfers have. This swing is another way to improve your game, and has other customizations that available to help every golfer, regardless of ability. 

Ways To Learn

Golf can be a challenging sport, and even the most experienced players can struggle with inconsistency on the course. However, there are some simple and effective ways to an easier golf swing that will improve your game and increase your confidence. One key area to focus on is your swing technique. It’s crucial not to try and use too much power when swinging as this often leads to missed shots and a lack of control. Opt for a smoother and easier golf swing instead, which will help you maintain balance and be more accurate. To generate power, focus on building up your core muscles through regular exercise and proper swing technique. It’s also essential to practice routinely to build up muscle memory and develop consistency in your swing. Finally, try to trust your swing and avoid overthinking during your shots. By following these tips and focusing on the basics of your swing, you’ll enhance your golf game and have more fun on the course!

10 steps to an easier golf swing to repeat. 

1. Start by understanding the basic principles of making perfect impact.
2. Follow our easy to follow golf learning program step by step on
3. Simplify your grip by focusing on a grip position that matches what you need for perfect impact, not by copying other golfers. 
4. Keep your stance and alignment simple and consistent.
5. Focus on making a smooth, fluid backswing.
6. Practice improving your tempo with our easy to follow drills such as the grass cutting drills. 
7. Keep your focus on where your club needs to make contact with the ground for perfect impact. The easier the golf swing is to repeat the better. 
8. Minimize unnecessary movements to create an easier more efficient golf swing.
9. Focus on the finish, keeping your body balanced and facing the target.
10. Finally, practice frequently to reinforce proper technique and build muscle memory.