Let's say that you've hit your first shot off the tee and you've ended up in a tough position. You're considering going for the green even though you don't have a clear shot. You aren't sure if you have the miracle shot you need to hit to get on the green in your bag...so what do you do?

The answer: Practice Course Management

Ben Hogan and Sam Snead were two sides of the same coin. Sam used his strength and creativity to overpower courses when he could. Ben was a master technician and if he put the ball somewhere, you knew he did it on purpose. Both Ben and Sam knew that course management was important. It's the way you turn bogey into par and par into birdie. When you think about your shots and place them in a location that means you can always save par, you'll start playing some great golf.

The art of playing the course seems to be disappearing. Setup 4 Impact gives you so much control over your distance and accuracy, that you need to start learning how to keep yourself out of trouble when you feel like you've got a "green light" shot and miss it just a little. (Bonus: Even your misses will get better with Setup 4 Impact, but you might still want to practice this!)

Course management means thinking about the next shot. Does driver make sense of the tee, or should you play a three wood to give yourself a full wedge shot into the green that is more comfortable than the half wedge you would have had with driver? Should you pull one more club and choke down or really smash the shorter iron? These are all things that can change your game for the better if you practice course management. Visit the members section and look at our lesson on the course to get more information on what to do when you're faced with difficult shots!