Single Plane Golf Swing

This is my Quick Start guide for my Setup 4 Impact Single plane golf swing. Which is the only Single Plane swing that is customizable to fit every person. With the goal being to offer you the fastest improvement possible. Instead of working for years to try and copy another person we fit the swing to your needs. You should improve very quickly. My setup 4 Impact Single Plane golf method makes it easier to hit any golf shot. It is based on a simple setup change which helps you play better your next time out. Thousands of people have followed this advice over the past 20 years with success. Now boiled down to it’s most simple form. Just Setup 4 Impact.

Single Plane Golf Swing Grip – Here I give you 5 Tips to Custom fit it to your own game for the fastest improvement possible. Setting up for impact is the easiest way to improve your golf game so you can get better at golf quickly. If you want to know how to get better at golf you must watch the entire video. This is the easiest golf swing that you can ever learn. My “Setup 4 Impact” Single Plane golf swing makes it easy. Just learn to setup on your impact plane and put your hands on the club so that the clubface is automatically square through impact. It is similar to the swing of PGA Tour player Bryson DeChambeau. Setup 4 Impact is the Best golf swing for improving quickly. More info on upcoming “Setup 4 Impact” golf schools at Single plane golf swing grip shows you how to customize the concept to fit your own game for the fastest improvement possible.

Hitting balls and giving tips. My single plane golf swing has been developed over 24 years of teaching. Starting with studying the swing of Moe Norman and learning from Moe himself, to teaching for Natural Golf Corporation, and also Graves golf academy. I learned what works for myself and those who I have taught. The main point is to find your own golf swing instead of wasting years trying to exactly match another person’s swing. I wasted a lot of time, but you do not have to. Follow my simple learning program to find your own Setup 4 Impact Single plane swing.

Today I compare my Setup 4 Impact Golf method to the Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing. I learned the Moe Norman swing starting back in 1996 and played and taught it for over 15 years. I taught for the Natural Golf Corporation for around 7 years. They were teaching very similarly to Moe’s swing, but also allowed for customization.

I also taught for the Graves Golf Academy from 2014 to 2017. They use Moe as a model for their teaching and there is no room for customization within it. So each customer must setup and match exactly the way Moe held the club and every move he made in the golf swing. This means basically learning a completely new golf swing. 

Since 1997 I also taught my own version of the Single Plane golf swing which was also called Single Axis golf by some. I always customized the concept for each person and was very successful with my customers. Some always struggled though so I continued to find ways to help more and more customers improve. In 2013 I created the first version of my Setup 4 Impact Golf swing which was called the Minimalist single plane swing. This swing was very helpful at helping lifelong slicers of the ball and those who could not make any decent contact all improve quite quickly.

Single Plane golf swing 5 most important tips video. Giving you my 5 top Tips for getting a quick start learning My Setup 4 Impact golf method. My goal for my customers is the Fastest improvement possible. This is only possible when customizing the single plane concept to fit each individual. I see many people trying to copy other players like Moe Norman, or Bryson DeChambeau only to get worse at the game. Many are told that if they practice trying to copy them that after six months or a year it will all be worth while. That is in 95% of the case dead wrong. I have witnessed this over 25 years of teaching this Single Plane concept. My Setup 4 Impact method succeeds where the others have failed simply because my learning system takes into account that each of us have had different experiences at golf over the years and when we wish to improve we want to improve quickly. Not work at it for years in the hope of one day being great.