Setup 4 Impact Learning program (2019)

Download the 2018 version of the Setup 4 Impact learning program. The only difference from the newest version is in the numbering of the drills, and the order of the learning program. When the newest version is ready for download you will also be able to download it. Anticipated for Feb. 2021.

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Setup 4 Impact Learning program (2019)



Download the 2019 version of the Setup 4 Impact learning program. This is a download only and does not include access to the website. The drills are numbered differently then the current system, but does not differ much from the current version.

  • Download to  PC, Laptop first, then put them on any device you choose.
  • No need for Internet access to watch videos once downloaded.
  • 77 minutes of easy to follow Instruction
  • Step by step learning process. Great for anyone from beginner to professional.
  • Includes detailed grip, setup, and Impact instruction, drills 1 - 5, and Ball striking drills 1 - 4.
  • Driving range guide - Condensed version of the above instruction.
  • High Definition


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