Lag Impact Trainer

This Lag Impact Trainer is a brand new training aid that is being praised by some of the leading PGA instructors (as well as countless amateur golfers) across the globe as a true game-changer. I started working with this club recently at a 3 Day golf school in North Carolina and got such great results with my customers that I decided to offer it here through my website.

$169.00 $119.00

Lag Impact Trainer



It’s a comfortable 7 iron in length, loft, and lie with a whippy, flexible blue shaft and beautiful “jet black” clubhead.
(And unlike most ugly and awkward training aids, this club looks like it came straight out of a Titleist showroom. You won’t be embarrassed to have this beauty in your bag).
It practically forces you to “load the club” perfectly, generate tremendous lag automatically, and make confident swings with ideal tempo and rhythm.
The result?
A practice aid that trains your hands, arms, and body how to make a powerful, efficient golf swing with an amazing amount of lag.