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I help you improve your game by Simplifying Your Golfswing 

Let me coach you to your best golf ever online or at one of my schools with the easiest to follow golf swing learning system. This complete step by step system is not found anywhere else besides this website.  I have simplified the instruction so that every golfer will improve through my personal feedback, and customizations. 

Setup 4 Impact and swinging on a single plane

You could struggle with your swing for years

… or even a lifetime. Maybe you’ve tried “tips” articles. Or watching YouTube videos. Or even getting in-person instruction from a golf pro or other coach.  But nothing has made a great difference in your swing. The reason why is not surprising, once you see it.

The reason? No one ever taught you a simple customized system based on what you need to do to make PERFECT impact.

The reason years of practice and “tips” and coaching doesn’t improve a golf swing is the lack of a system that focuses on IMPACT. No one ever taught you exactly how to make perfect impact for every golf shot you could face. 

The content online you tried was piecemeal – YouTubers have to maximize views, and going into serious detail, systematically, doesn’t do that. So they put up short, entertaining videos with some nuggets that may (or may not) help you. 

Most tips and other instruction focuses on everything except the most important part of the golf swing which of course is the moment of impact

The golf pros you learned from may have had the best of intentions, but the bottom line is that they did not help you achieve better ball striking and consistently good scores. 

Without simplifying your setup, and then focusing on learning to make perfect pro-like impact you will NEVER improve. 

Past lack of progress can cause some players to just accept their lackluster swing

The maddening lack of progress after trying so many years, so many things, can cause potentially excellent players to feel discouragement. And give up on it. 

They can feel they’re “just not cut out” to have a great swing. 

Or that they can’t unlearn old patterns.  

Or that they’ll never really have a dependable, passable swing – let alone a good swing, or great swing.

That’s an understandable feeling. But it’s not necessary. At all. In fact, if most of what you’ve tried before has let you down … that’s actually a reason for hope. 

I teach you a proven, complete, and 100% online system for perfecting your golf swing

If most of what you’ve tried has let you down, that’s a reason for hope because it just means you haven’t been taught a complete system yet. Before today’s technology, that required daily physical access to a golf coach who knew how to teach systematically.

Now time has finally come. Golfers can go beyond online “content” into a new complete online system for perfecting their golf swing. With systematic, progressive lessons, and easy online access to a recognized authority on teaching the easiest to learn swing in golf

Setup 4 Impact Golf is easier, because you will be taught to set up and make impact on the same single plane. From there you will be taught how to make pro-like impact for every golf shot you face whether it is a chip, pitch, bunker shot, putt, driver, fairway wood, or irons shot. Impact is what counts and you will become great at it. 

The setup is customized for each golfer. This is what makes it possible for each golfer to reach their potential best swing ever. It is based on how your body can move through impact. Without the setup I teach that has you setup on your impact plane, there are too many variables to learn besides impact. It is the setup that makes it possible for you to finally learn how to make pro-like impact on every golf shot. 

You now can get systematic golf swing perfection from Setup 4 Impact Golf, a complete online program that includes:

  • 17 lessons not found anywhere else.
  • 30+ videos
  • Personalized feedback from Kirk Junge, a highly successful golf coach and a recognized authority on coaching golfers to the best golf of their lives.
  • Kirk will help you through a free coaching app for members only, that makes it easy for you to improve through his recommended customizations that fit your needs. So you will not waste countless hours trying to copy any other individual golfer.

Finally improve your complete golf game – faster than you may think

Progressing through the Setup 4 Impact step-by-step system, you’ll see your swing corrected from the ground up. Through Kirk’s systematic guidance and feedback, you’ll modify your swing into the most efficient, powerful, and safe swing in golf today – without having to completely remake your entire technique. 

Remember that Kirk’s main goal is to help you improve as fast as possible. So that you can play the BEST golf of your life!

And because this learning tool and Kirk’s personalized feedback starts from where you are, you’ll see rapid, solid progress that accumulates day after day – and stays with you – all at your own pace. 

Where will your golf game be at this time next year? (Here’s a guarantee.) 

The Setup 4 Impact system of learning a golf swing transforms players’ skills. Their swings become powerful, accurate, and safer. 

You’ve tried winging it. You’ve even tried personalized instruction. But you’re getting the same results that just don’t satisfy you. 

Where will you be this time next year, with your golf swing? Still struggling? Or will you have a corrected, efficient, powerful swing that lets  you more consistently hit longer, and more accurate golf shots, better chips, pitches and bunker shots, as well as sinking more putts? 

Try it. I guarantee you’ll find success. In fact, after 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the high quality, systematic coaching, and you have submitted at least four videos for me to review, simply shoot me an email and I’ll refund your money – no games, no questions, no risk to you.

Just give me a chance to do what I love doing, which is to help people like you improve at golf. 

Hope to see you soon online in the app. Best Golfing!! Kirk Junge


Access Setup 4 Impact anywhere, any time, and at your own pace.  

You’ll learn each of the fundamental skills, complete with drills, before moving to the next step.

You get 17 lessons, each with one or more detailed  instructional videos – all part of a system, not like most instructor’s YouTube videos that have very little detail, and never seem to help much.

The Platinum memberships allow you to send in videos for my review through the Onform app that is free with your membership. That enables me customize the instruction for you personally, with personal feedback. 

You can also connect with other Platinum members through the app. 

Platinum members also can also contact me daily with questions through the app, or by email.

Kirk is also available from time to time for live sessions where members can ask questions live by video.

The number of memberships available is limited as I can only help so many golfers at a time. So if it is unavailable please check back to sign up when a spot becomes available. At the movement there are still a few spots open.

After signing up visit the “Submit Video” page in the members’s section to get access to the code for the free Onform app.

New Setup 4 Impact App coming out soon. 

New learning program for Spring 2024 just went live. Existing platinum members can gain access with a coupon code to maintain your current rate. We will then cancel the other payment. Contact Kirk for more info. 

Choose your plan


$ 49
99 Per Month
  • Now with a 7 Day Free Trial.
  • Brand new learning program for Spring 2024
  • Video Reviews through the Onform App (2 per day)
  • Access to the complete step by step learning program for Setup 4 Impact golf. Not found on Youtube.
  • Live online sessions/webinars with Kirk online.
  • Get $15 in school credit for every month paid as a monthly member
  • Member Pricing on schools based on credit above.
  • Includes Private member's only Webinars
  • Ongoing communication with Kirk Junge
  • Includes access to all short game videos, advanced videos, and past method videos
  • Access to new videos as they are released
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  • Access to Private Facebook members only group.
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
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$ 499
99 Per Year
  • Now with a 7 Day Free Trial.
  • Brand new learning program for Spring 2024
  • Up to 2 video reviews per day through the free Onform app
  • Access to the complete step by step learning program for Setup 4 Impact golf. Not found on Youtube.
  • Live online sessions/webinars with Kirk online.
  • Get $150 in school credit for every year paid as a yearly member. This is applied to the member's school price
  • Member Pricing on schools based on credit above.
  • Includes Private member's only Webinars
  • Ongoing communication with Kirk Junge
  • Includes access to all short game videos, advanced videos, and past method videos
  • Access to new videos as they are released
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to Private Facebook members only group
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Access through new app coming out soon.
USGTF National Senior Champion 2023 - Kirk Junge

Kirk Junge wins U.S. Golf Teachers Cup.

On October 9th and 10th, 2023 SETUP 4 IMPACT® golf method inventor Kirk Junge competed in the Annual US Golf Teachers cup in Las Vegas. This tournament is run by the United States Golf teachers federation (USGTF) and had 35,000 golf pros eligible to play. At 59 years old Kirk competed in the Senior division.  

The first round was on the Concord course at Revere Golf club, and the second round was on their very difficult Lexington golf course. After finishing in second place the past two years he really wanted to do better this year. So he worked hard on doing his Setup 4 Impact drills (especially Drill 1) as well as Driver, short game and putting work. It paid off big as he shot a 68 in the first round with a double bogey on his first hole which was hole number 18. After the first hole double bogey he played the next 13 holes 7-under par, on his second to last hole he hit too much club on a par 3 and failed to get up and down for his only bogey of the day. Read More »

How the system perfects your swing

Simplifies Ball-Striking

Many people don’t know that hitting a golf ball with more power and accuracy is about returning the club through impact with the least amount of effort. Unlike traditional swings, the Setup 4 Impact golf swing starts in the same position as the hands and club will swing through impact. Which means fewer moving parts to the swing. The motion is easier to learn, easier to repeat, and easier to implement–thereby simplifying ball-striking for anyone.


You’ll generate amazing new amounts of power with this swing. By keeping your club on the same plane and simply turning your body, you load the downswing with explosive power, hitting the ball with crisp, clean contact and sending it on a perfect trajectory that flies farther than ever. You’ll love all the extra yards this simplified Setup 4 Impact golf swing gives you! Plus the swing can also be customized to fit any golfer regardless of size, flexibility, injuries, or body type.

Automatically Puts You In The Correct Position To Hit The Ball Straight

Straight towering shots are the hallmark of great golfers – and you can master them. The Setup 4 Impact Swing ensures you strike the ball with precision. Because you start the swing at the point of impact, this simple shift in body and club positioning keeps the ball on target–right from the start of the swing. This is the Ultimate Golf swing and you can’t screw it up! You will also learn the secret release move that ensures dead straight golf shots.

Reduces Stress On The Back, Hips, Arms, And Body

The Setup 4 Impact Golf Swing maintains the hand, club shaft and spine alignment from address to impact, allowing for a smooth-as-silk golf swing. There is less upward motion of the spine which means less stress on the spine and less overall stress on the body. Of course this also reduces the movement of the body and results in more consistency.

Most efficient way to swing a golf club

Efficiency comes from getting more out of less. Due to superior biomechanics, this Setup 4 Impact golf swing produces increased power and force—but with lower energy output. (Perfect for older golfers who need to conserve energy and avoid body stress.)

Top Benefits of Setup 4 Impact golf

As a member you are also encouraged to send me videos of your golf swing for review. This is included in your membership. Feedback is a critical component in learning a great golf swing.  We will have detailed information as to how you can upload your videos to the Free Onform Golf app, which does not cost anything, and then we will review your video, and show you what needs work.

Frequently asked questions

Not at all! We try to change as little as possible when starting the Setup 4 Impact method. With some simple changes to your setup, you should be hitting the ball better immediately. Additional changes can be made as your progress through the lessons to optimize your swing.

You should gain distance! Setup 4 Impact doesn’t place any restrictions on body movement; We encourage it! The drills will help you learn to use your body in the right sequence for accuracy and distance.

Kirk’s preferred grip is from Jumbomax Golf, and they currently have two models of grip that he recommends. The lighter JumboMax UltraLite grips, and the JMX Zen Lite grips which are about 10 grams heavier. JumboMax grips are not a requirement for this method, Kirk has found however that around 80% of clients who try them actually hit the ball more consistently with them. Size is important as well and his recommendations are below. You can also see a video on the grips that Kirk made (here)

The larger grip size can help with grip pressure and feeling more comfortable holding the club, especially for those with arthritis or other physical issues. Kirk has found that 80% of golfers do better with these grips when they fit properly, and he highly recommends trying them.

Try a couple grips before buying them all unless you are sure you will like thicker grips. The JumboMax UltraLite grips even in size small are somewhat thicker than normal jumbo grips. If you measure your hand size from wrist crease to longest finger then Kirk recommends the following. 7.5 ” to 8″ size small, 8″ to 8.5″ Medium, 8.5″ to 9″ Large, and larger than 9″ the XL size. Smaller than 7.5″ try the X-Small size. Smaller than 7″ should try Standard Jumbo grip from JumboMax Ultralite and smaller than 6.5″ a Midsize option from another company.

Make sure you get the UltraLite, or Zen Lite grips, not the normal ones from them as they are very heavy.  

Kirk has arranged a 10% discount for his clients. To take advantage you need to use the following link. or use Coupon code KIRK10 when checking out.

Ultralite Grip Review – Youtube 

You do not need new clubs in order to play Setup 4 Impact Golf. You are still setting up the same distance from the ball as with your old swing so the length, and lie angle needed will be the same as before. So if your clubs fit you before then they will fit you after changing. If they are not expertly fit then we recommend getting fit by the best fitter in the business which understands our swing concept which is Club Champion Golf which has over 75 locations around the USA. Use Kirk Junge as your referral when signing up and they will take great care of you and not try to change your swing to a conventional one. Visit Club Champion at


With the Setup 4 Impact method we help you find the swing that will fit your own body, so that you can improve fast. We do not place unnecessary restrictions on the swing, which will rob you not only of distance, but also accuracy. We focus on improving your impact of the golf ball with simple easy to follow drills. The goal is FAST improvement, not years of hoping to get better. For many who have struggled with similar systems as I did I have a video debunking many myths of the concept from my point of view. This can be viewed by clicking here

Bryson calls his swing a “Zero Shift” motion, but that is just different terminology for what the Setup 4 Impact method teaches. Bryson has mentioned in interviews that he believes Setting up for Impact makes the game easier. He has also been a long time subscriber to my Youtube channel at

Some of his top videos can be found at or on his Youtube channel at

You can also see the top 10 myths debunked for swinging on a single plane at THIS LINK

Easier Golf Swing

This method is meant for all golfers looking for an easier way to improve their game in the simplest way possible. It will be very beneficial to any golfer looking to become more accurate and gain distance. Setup 4 Impact also makes chipping, Pitching, Bunker shots and putting easier.

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