Myths Debunked for swinging on a single plane

10 Myths debunked for swinging on a single plane

Golfers the world over have debated whether it is possible to swing a golf club on a single plane for many years. The concept is touted to be a more efficient and reliable way of swinging than the conventional two-plane movement, which involves two distinct hinge points. However, despite its popularity, there are plenty of myths, and misunderstandings on this topic. It is also my experience that many concepts taught can be very harmful to people trying to learn the concept. In the video below I will debunk ten of the most common myths regarding swinging a golf club on a single plane.

Myth #1: you need a wide stance
Myth #2: you need to stand a certain distance from the ball
Myth #3: you need to hold the club exactly like Moe
Myth #4: you need a palm grip
Myth #5: you need to take the club back inside and under the swing plane.
Myth #6: you need to limit the length of your backswing
Myth #7: you need to keep the trailing foot flat through impact
Myth #8: you need to keep your leading knee bent through impact
Myth #9: you need to practice a bunch of positions in order to master the swing
Myth #10: you need to use special golf clubs to swing on a single plane

There you have it – ten myths debunked! Swinging on a single plane can be incredible when done well, but it will not help you if you follow the wrong instruction. Using common sense can be very helpful. While it can seem like a good idea to copy someones swing who was good at hitting a golf ball, you must consider that no person has ever mastered another person’s golf swing.

My simple solution is to learn to setup on your impact plane, and then work on making impact perfect. I coach online using a free app where I guide you into customizing your own swing to make hitting great shots easier. I work with what you have coming in with the goal of improving as quickly as possible.

I also teach schools currently in Cincinnati, OH, Lebanon, PA, Sanford, NC, and West Palm Beach, FL.

The Setup 4 Impact Golf Method requires a few crucial steps to ensure that players can swing on a single plane. Firstly, it’s essential to establish proper setup and alignment by creating a straight line from the clubhead through the trailing elbow when viewed from the down the line position. This initial step lays the foundation for a successful swing that will move back and through on one single plane. After setting up properly, the next step is to grip the club, making sure your hands are fit naturally to where they will be at impact. Many golfers make the mistake of copying another golfer’s grip which can take many years to get used to. 

During the backswing, players need to keep their left arm straight and rotate their shoulders while keeping their wrists calm. This step is critical in ensuring that the swing stays on a single plane. When it comes to downswing, focus on keeping the left arm straight and allowing the club to release through impact, but not before as the body rotates through impact and towards the target.

Keeping the club on a single plane will help golfers achieve consistency and accuracy in their swings while reducing the risk of error. Regular practice and proper technique are crucial in effectively implementing the Setup 4 Impact Golf Method for a more reliable and efficient swing. By following these steps, players can work towards improving their technique and enjoying a more successful round of golf.

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Below are a couple of short videos outtakes from the longer video above with important myths debunked for swinging on a single plane.