One of the most common questions that I get from my subscribers, and clients is “Do I need special golf clubs if I use a single plane golf swing? The answer is very simple. You do not need special clubs, but you do need clubs that fit your individual golf swing. There are always people who will tell you what you need sometimes without even seeing you hit a golf shot. I am constantly amazed at how often people buy golf clubs without ever having hit a golf shot with the clubs they are buying. In many cases people put in measurements, and a few other variables like clubhead speed, or how far they hit a seven iron and that is it.

Many people will go to a local golf store with a lot of options and even go through a fitting. This is better than going by measurements, but still very far from what is ideal. What you find at such stores is that for each brand of club you have a couple of shaft options to try. However you cannot try shafts from one company in clubs of another.

The most important part of the club is the shaft and there are hundreds of shafts available for any one set of clubs. To find the one that fits you best you need to try many of them while measurements of the results are being taken by a top launch monitor. That way you can compare and look at what really works for you, or if it will even work better than your existing clubs. So first you need to find the shaft that is ideal for your own individual golf swing. Once that shaft is found then you try that shaft in all the top manufacturer’s club heads. Once you arrive at the best shaft and club head combination then length and lie are figured out. Then you choose the grip you want and you then will have a perfect set of clubs built for you. The process does cost a bit more, but it is well worth it in the end as you are guaranteed to get clubs that fit you ideally. They may cost 10 to 20% more in the end, but they fit you. There is no way anybody can tell you what club will fit you best without going through such a process. This is why I do not sell golf clubs. I send people to the best in the business.

So whether you swing exactly like the single plane “Setup 4 Impact” golf swing I teach, or not it does not matter. As they will fit you based on impact. My method gets you setup closer to where you need to be at impact, but that impact position will likely stay the same either way. It is just easier to be more consistent if you setup as I teach. So I highly recommend fitting at Club Champion golf. They are the best in the business of fitting and you are guaranteed to be fit for your perfect set of golf clubs there. Fitting any other way is incomplete and more guesswork. To me, it is worth the extra money to get fit that way. The clubs are more expensive but guaranteed to fit.

If you decide to go that route then use my name (Kirk Junge) as your referral when you sign up as they will then not mess with your golf swing as you are coming from a Pro that they know. They will treat you like a VIP because of my referral.

You can get all info on their fittings and sign up at

To learn more about why Club Champion is the best, and to clear up many misconception about fitting their fittings please visit this page on their website.

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Kirk Junge

Setup 4 Impact Golf