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Not at all! We try to change as little as possible when starting the Setup 4 Impact method. With some simple changes to your setup, you should be hitting the ball better immediately. Additional changes can be made as your progress through the lessons to optimize your swing.

You should gain distance! Setup 4 Impact doesn’t place any restrictions on body movement; We encourage it! The drills will help you learn to use your body in the right sequence for accuracy and distance.

Setup 4 Impact has some similarities, but places no restrictions on your swing. Moe Norman had one of the most unnatural swings ever seen which worked well for him back when distance was not as important as it is today. Most who have tried Moe’s swing fail to replicate his unorthodox swing due to how unnatural and stiff the swing can feel. At Setup 4 Impact Golf we aren’t teaching you to hit positions. Instead, we’re teaching you to get to impact efficiently with a square club face using your body to help produce distance and hit fairways. Setup 4 Impact is simpler and easier to learn as we help you change your setup to be closer to where you will be at impact and then uses your current golf swing. We don’t make you change everything to match someone else’s swing! Our goal is to offer you the fastest improvement possible.

You do not need new clubs in order to play Setup 4 Impact Golf. You are still setting up the same distance from the ball as with your old swing so the length, and lie angle needed will be the same as before. So if your clubs fit you before then they will fit you after changing. If they are not expertly fit then we recommend getting fit by the best fitter in the business which understands our swing concept which is Club Champion Golf which has over 75 locations around the USA. Use Kirk Junge as your referral when signing up and they will take great care of you and not try to change your swing to a conventional one. Visit Club Champion at www.clubchampiongolf.com


With the Setup 4 Impact method, you will find that you are getting into impact in a much more comfortable position. This swing is recommended for all golfers, but will definitely help aging golfers, golfers with limited flexibility and those with back problems, among other physical limitations.

The term Single Plane is misused by many as originally it referred to a club moving on one single plane through the golf swing. Now others have giving it other meaning where they want you to actually swing the club under the swing plane on the backswing and then somehow magically find the setup plane again on the downswing. Setup 4 Impact is similar to the “Zero Shift” swing of Bryson DeChambeau who comes exceptionally close to swinging back and through on the same plane.

Bryson calls his swing a “Zero Shift” motion, but that is just different terminology for what the Setup 4 Impact method teaches. Bryson has mentioned in interviews that he believes Setting up for Impact makes the game easier. He has also been a long time subscriber to my Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/k2junge/

This method is meant for all golfers looking for an easier way to improve their game in the simplest way possible. It will be very beneficial to any golfer looking to become more accurate and gain distance. Setup 4 Impact also makes chipping, Pitching, Bunker shots and putting easier.

Although Setup 4 Impact is very similar to Bryson DeChambeau’s swing, and many of our players (Kirk Junge as well!) utilize the JumboMax Ultralite grips, they are not a requirement for this method.

The larger grip size can help with grip pressure and feeling more comfortable holding the club, especially for those with arthritis or other physical issues.

Kirk recommends trying a couple grips before buying them all unless you are sure you will like thicker grips. The JumboMax UltraLite grips even in size small are somewhat thicker than normal jumbo grips. If you measure your hand size from wrist crease to longest finger then Kirk recommends the following. 7.5 ” to 8″ size small, 8″ to 8.5″ Medium, 8.5″ to 9″ Large, and larger than 9″ the XL size. Smaller than 7.5″ can still try the Small size. Smaller than 7″ should try a normal Jumbo grip from a company like Golf pride and smaller than 6.5″ a Midsize.

Make sure you get the UltraLite grips, not the normal ones as they are very heavy otherwise.  


Kirk really hopes you will take advantage of sending in videos for his feedback. This is the most effective way for him to help you improve your game. Those taking advantage of this part of the membership are constantly simplifying their golf swings, and thereby improving their scores. Should you still want to cancel please go to the following page Click Here

If you originally signed up on Learninggolf.tv you will need to cancel there.

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