Dr. Sharon Barley

Dr. Sharon Barley

LPGA Professional & Certified “Setup 4 Impact” Golf instructor | Reading, Pennsylvania

Over the last ten years, I was on a quest to learn diverse swing mechanics by studying some top
professional golfers and coaches. Among so many variables, I found ONE key area that made
the difference between a golfer who continued to improve and those who never improved.
That difference is the “Impact position.” Golfers who continued to improve their scores were
more consistent at impact. Coaching the impact position capitalizes on your natural swing,
tailored to your body type, flexibility, balance and physical abilities. I discovered Professional
Golf Instructor, Kirk Jung, and learned his methods and how to teach his one plane system of
focused on impact and game and performance improvement. The Setup4Impact® drills will
improve your driving accuracy, chipping and pitching. My clients have shown distance gains of
10, 20, and 30 yards on their clubs, driving consistently, and landing the ball closer to the pin.

My Golf Story

I earned a black belt in Kung Fu at 22, then picked up archery in college. After making 4-US
Olympic Festival Teams, I won the Gold Medal in Archery at age 27. I played golf in High School
and continued casually while serving in Clergy Ministry. As an athlete and Minister, I set my life
goal on inspiring others to be their best self. But after years of playing golf, coaching and
training hard, I couldn’t achieve my own bets self in golf and continued to be inconsistent and
stagnant in my scores. Then I discovered a training methodology, taught by Kirk Junge, uniquely
focused on a one plane swing into the IMPACT position, while using the best in sports
psychology and the body/brain connection. Kirk Junge designed incremental, specific,
performance improvement drills that work for everyone! As I practiced his drills over months,
through our PA winters and afterward, I discovered that my accuracy, distance, and consistency
improved dramatically within just 4-month time period. I knew I wanted to teach his methods
because it truly inspires every golfer, at any age, to play at their best.

I was shocked to see how easily I improved through Kirk’s Setup4Impact® methods. I was more
shocked to see how I could teach new golfers to play as if they had played for years! I was
amazed by how easily people adapted to practicing these simple, yet critical drills and saw their
own remarkable improvement. With specific and focused goals, they also experienced longer
distances, more consistency, and showed a remarkable narrower dispersion ratio on video

Certified LPGA Professional

USGTF Level III Certified Golf Teaching Professional

WGTF- Member, World Golf Teaching Federation

First Tee and PGA Jr. Coach, and Certified Instructor for Setup 4 Impact Golf®

Sharon finished first in the USGTF Northeast Region Championship in the women’s division played June 16, 2022 at Mountain View Golf Club in Ewing, New Jersey using her Setup 4 Impact golf swing.



  • 1 hour $150
  • 2 hours $290
  • 3 hours $430
  • Additional hours same day $140


  • 1 hour $180 ($90 per person)
  • 2 hours $320 ($160 per person)
  • 3 hours $480 ($240 per person)
  • Additional hours same day $160

Please keep in mind that  Setup 4 impact Golf swing lessons are FAR more effective than conventional golf swing lessons. In many cases, my students are very satisfied after just a couple of lessons. Most golfers never improve playing conventional golf even after taking years of lessons. Many of my customers had taken thousands of dollars of lessons with no improvement. With Setup 4 Impact Golf you will definitely improve without the need to take lessons forever. With the video analysis, you will see your improvement as we work on your swing. You will be able to compare your swing before we started to how it is now. You can and WILL improve!


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