Slash Your Golf Score in 3 Days – Get Noticed on the Links

It’s all in your swing. And you can perfect your swing in just 3 days of enjoyable, intensive training.

Setup 4 Impact and swinging on a single plane

Your swing has held you back far too long

Like many of my students before they met me, you’ve tried to learn a good swing on your own. The “tips” articles and videos all over the Internet imply that’s … possible… 


But learning a solid golf swing by oneself is not actually possible.  Golf is the sport par excellence that requires specific technique taught by a good coach. 


So it’s not just you who has struggled for years with poor mechanics, a swing that feels different each time, and lackluster or inconsistent results.


And it’s not just you who’s struggled to learn from teachers who haven’t really helped. They did their best, right? But they didn’t know how to teach you a solid, reliable golf swing from the ground up – in a step by step, progressive assembly of skills.


And having a poor swing doesn’t feel good

In fact, it can feel awful. You love golf. Golf is important personally, socially –  and for some people almost spiritually. 


But a bad swing ruins everything. 


An unreliable, inconsistent swing will easily bring on a case of nerves, especially if golfing with someone you want or need to impress. 


Even if you’re golfing alone, the annoyance can flame up with real intensity. 


Not to mention the long-term disappointment, frustration, and the falling short of what you know you’re capable of, if you could just have a simple, solid, reliable golf swing. 


The emotions are real on the links. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t play at all. And a poor swing holds you back from the good emotions, and tends to bring on some level of “the agony of defeat.”

“Learning a solid golf swing shouldn’t be this hard!”

 Almost everyone I help along the journey to a solid golf swing has expressed this sentiment. And who could disagree? After all, golf has been around for centuries. Golf has higher tech, and better teachers today than ever before. 


Golf should have this figured out by now, right? It shouldn’t be so hard. 


Naturally people being to wonder if it’s them. They wonder if they’re just not cut out to be a good golfer. They try visualization, positive thinking, all kinds of things that imply the problem is in their attitude or their emotions. 


Those things are important, but they’re not the limiting factor. Even when feeling down or less than confident, a golfer with a good swing still has a fundamentally good swing


So I’m here to agree with you: Learning a solid golf swing definitely shouldn’t be that hard! 


(And it’s not that hard … if you simply go about it in the right way.)  

I’ve been there, with thousands of students just like you over the years


I know the struggle with golf swings, personally. I teach golfers just like you frequently throughout the year, in my 3-Day School. 


And with my specific, personal guidance, I see them go from frustrated, annoyed, and shy about their swing, to confidently and reliably striking the ball just as they want to – in 3 days. 


It gives me great joy, every time. (And it gives them even greater joy.) 


 As a coach, with a coach’s heart and a long career behind me, it just never gets old.

Here’s why you can trust me as your guide in conquering your golf swing


I’m not one to talk a lot about myself, but you have a right to know why you can trust me. 


I am 58 years old and began playing golf at age 5, and turned professional in 1986. I played on several golf tours around the country, and captured victory in one – in the SouthWest Ohio PGA section. Recently, I finished second in the Senior division in the United States Golf Teachers Cup in Las Vegas, in a competition that saw winds up to 40mph. 


In 1986, I began teaching golf, and haven’t looked back. I’m a licensed instructor, was a European PGA member for many years, and hold certifications with the United States Golf Teachers Federation, and the World Golf Teachers Federation.

I spent many years teaching at private clubs in Germany, and taught for Natural Golf Corporation for many years starting in 1998. I have been one of the top instructors teaching golfers to set up on their impact plane, and to swing the club on one single plane for almost 25 years. I am one of only a few who customize this concept to fit each individual golfer.


In 2005, I set my sights on creating a simpler golf swing, which led to the creation of Setup 4 Impact Golf. 

What is the Setup 4 Impact golf swing? 

Using my three plus decades’ experience in golf instruction, and my detailed knowledge of many different golf methods, I worked to create a golf swing that is easy on the body, repeatable and powerful – for any age of golfer. 

The Setup 4 Impact swing is a simple, solid, repeatable Golf Swing that has helped thousands of golfers worldwide take control of their game and play better golf. 


My goal and purpose is to help you improve your game overnight – or rather, over 3 days. We can do this because I customize the simple method to fit you. You will learn to setup on your impact plane, and swing on a single plane. The clubface will be square through impact, and you will hit straighter and longer golf shots.


Overnight improvement? Yes. That’s not only possible … It’s accomplished by players just like you all the time at my 3-Day School.

You can conquer your swing once and for all, in 3 Days. 


It’s easy. Here’s how. 


   1. Lock in your spot in an upcoming 3-Day School (see below).


   2. Let me be your guide and coach for those three days. 


   3. Perfect your swing in just 3 days of enjoyable, intensive training.

   4. Early signup even get’s you a free year of my online coaching after the school. 


Included in the 3-day school

  • 15 hours of instruction with Kirk Junge
  • Concept customized for each person
  • Small groups give you more one on one time
  • Learn how to practice effectively
  • Learn the swing building drills
  • Advanced drills
  • Flightscope X3 analysis
  • Video analysis V1 golf
  • Driver and fairway wood instruction
  • Uneven lies instruction
  • Lifetime access to Setup 4 Impact online learning program. $99 value
  • Chipping instruction
  • Pitching instruction
  • Putting instruction
  • Bunker instruction
  • Club fitting analysis
  • Using video for feedback session
  • Round preparation
  • Course management instruction
  • Q & A sessions
  • Green fees, Cart fees, Range fees
  • Lunch each day with instructors


Find more info on each school including how many spots are left, and price below on this page. 

Jan. 13-15West Palm Beach, FLKirk Junge
Jan. 20-22 (Alumni)West Palm Beach, FLKirk JungeTony Griffin
Jan. 27-29West Palm Beach, FLKirk Junge
Feb. 3-5West Palm Beach, FLKirk Junge
Feb. 24-26West Palm Beach, FLKirk Junge
March dates below

All schools in West Palm Beach are run exclusively by Kirk Junge.  Members should inquire about using school credit before signing up. Schools include lunch, range, green, and cart fees. For info on login and more click on West Palm Beach above. 

West Palm Beach Location info is at https://setup4impact.com/west-palm-beach-florida/

Payment in three installments is also possible. Send me an email. Payment divided into three payments. First payment holds your spot. No interest! 

(Membership access will be added manually after payment. Let us know what username you would like by email. We will contact you by email with more info after signup. Membership starts immediately and runs until one year from the date of the golf school. So early signup wins you more time as well. 

ALUMNI SCHOOL Info – This schools is for past school attendees first, and for those who have taken private lessons, or been online members for over one year. You may also qualify if you are submitting videos currently with Kirk’s approval. This school will feature more time on the golf course with Kirk Junge, and Tony Griffin. 

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: Save $200 on all schools plus get a free one year membership ($399 value). Signup by Dec 1st. 

Current price shown at checkout under where it says “choose date” below. 

Payment in three installments is also possible. Send me an email. Payment divided into three payments. First payment holds your spot. No interest! 

2023 Datesschool typeopen spotscapacityPrice
January 13-153-Day School w/KirkSOLD OUT4$1899.95
January 20-223-Day Alumni w/Kirk & Tony 38$1899.95
January 27-293-Day School w/Kirk34$1899.95
February 3-53-Day School w/Kirk14$1899.95
February 24-263-Day School w/KirkSOLD OUT4$1899.95
March 3-53-Day School w/Kirk44$1899.95
March 10-123-Day School w/Kirk44$1899.95
March 24-263-Day School w/Kirk44$1899.95
Choose Date


Applies to all schools

If cancellation is 21 days or more prior to the start of the school.

You can be refunded the total minus a $150 administration fee, or get a certificate (same dollar amount) for a future school at no additional cost. The certificate could be used for any school or private lessons.

If cancellation is less than 21 days before the school then it is non-refundable unless I can find a replacement before the school. If a replacement is found you can choose between a refund minus a $150 administration fee, or a certificate (same dollar amount) for a future school at no additional charge. The certificate could be used for any school or private lessons.

Installment plans for three day schools. First payment holds your spot in the school. This is around 1/3 of the total. Final two payements are spaced between signup date and 21 days before school beginning. Same cancellation rules apply as above. 


While we cannot control the weather. We will make every effort to complete school by working around bad weather. I leave my schedule open on the day after the school in case we need to use it as a make up day.  Should we not be able to complete the full curriculum due to weather then a certificate will be issued to cover the missed time. The certificate could be used for any school or private lessons.