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Our 1 Day In-Person Setup 4 Impact schools are designed to take you from the first step to the golf course in no time. Taught by our fully trained Certified Instructors, these schools will be an intensive learning experience focusing on getting the setup perfect to fit each individual golfer. Learning how to get into a perfect impact position which fits to what your body will allow and then learning to do the swing building drills properly so that you can begin experiencing great golf shots as often as possible. 

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1 Day Schools

Setup 4 Impact 1 Day Schools are an basic version of our 3 Day program. We’ve condensed all the lessons to give you a great head start to perfecting your Setup 4 Impact swing. We focus on the basics with the goal of your understanding fully how to practice properly going forward after the school. Many customers report hitting the ball better by the time the day is done!

Included in the school:

  • Over 6 Hours of instruction
  • Learn how to practice effectively.
  • Learning the swing building drills
  • Chipping Fundamental Instruction
  • Pitching Fundamental Instruction
  • Putting Fundamental Instruction
  • Ball striking drills
  • Individual Video Analysis and swing customization
  • Driver and Fairway Wood Instruction
  • Club Fitting advice
  • Using video for feedback session
  • Discussion on comparable swings ie.Ben Hogan, Bryson Dechambeau, and Moe Norman.
  • Question and answer sessions

Upcoming 1-Day schools

Sanford one day schools are run by Master Instructor Tony Griffin.  For info on 3-Day schools run by Kirk Junge and Tony Griffin in NC please CLICK HERE.

3-Day school April 28 – 30 run by Kirk Junge and Tony Griffin now has an early Signup Special – Save $200 (automatic at checkout) and get one year free Platinum membership ($399 value) You must sign up and pay by March 15th, 2022.

Signup for any 1-Day school 30 days in advance and receive free lifetime access to our learning program. ($99.95 value)

2023 DatesSchool typeOpen SpotsCapacityPrice
April 221-Day with Tony34$599.95
May 201-Day with Tony44$599.95
June 171-Day with Tony44$599.95
July 151-Day with Tony44$599.95
Aug 261-Day with Tony44$599.95
September 231-Day with Tony44$599.95
October 281-Day with Tony44$599.95
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Lebanon, PA., one day schools are run by Certified Instructor Dr. Sharon Barley

Schools are run at the fantastic Iron Valley Golf Club. This is one of the top golf facilities in Pennsylvania.

There is also a 3-Day school June 2 – 4 at this facility run by Kirk Junge and Dr. Sharon Barley 

Signup for any 1-Day school 30 days in advance and receive free lifetime access to our learning program. ($99.95 value)

Dates 2023School TypeInstructorOpen SpotsCapacityPrice
May 201-Day SchoolDr. Sharon Barley44$599.95
June 251-Day SchoolDr. Sharon Barley44$599.95
July 151-Day SchoolDr. Sharon Barley44$599.95
August 131-Day SchoolDr. Sharon Barley44$599.95
September 91-Day SchoolDr. Sharon Barley44$599.95
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