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Our 1 and 3 Day In-Person Setup 4 Impact schools are designed to take you from the first step to the golf course in no time. Taught by Kirk Junge or our Certified Instructors, these schools will be an intensive learning  experience.

By starting with simple fundamentals and drills, Setup 4 Impact will start helping you improve your existing golf swing by simplifying it. FlightScope and a personalized V1 Golf swing analysis will show you your progress and what you need to work on. Three day schools also get you out on the course with the instructors to learn how to put what you’ve learned into practice.

While you’re at our school, we will also discuss equipment, club fitting, comparable golf swings (Bryson DeChambeau, Moe Norman,  etc.) and things like warming up and staying golf fit. 

Check our calendar for upcoming schools and reserve your spot today!

Upcoming schools

One day schools taught by Master instructor Tony Griffin. Three days schools are taught by Kirk and Tony.

2022 DatesSchool typeOpen SpotsCapacityPrice
April 29 - May 13-Day School99$1849.95
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DatesSchool TypeOpen SpotsCapacityPrice
August 271-Day with SharonSOLD OUT4$499.95
September 241-Day with Sharon14$499.95
October 9th1-Day with SharonSOLD OUT4$499.95
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Graeagle, California

DatesSchool TypeOpen SpotsCapacityPrice
Sept. 10 - 123-Day with KirkSOLD OUT4$1999.95
Sept. 17 - 193-Day with KirkSOLD OUT4$1999.95
Sept. 24 - 263-Day with KirkSOLD OUT4$1999.95
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All West Palm beach schools instructed by Kirk Junge exclusively.

2022 Datesschool typeopen spotscapacityPrice
January 14 - 163-Day School w/KirkSold Out4$1849.95
January 21 - 233-Day Alumni - Kirk & Tony28$1949.95
January 28 - 303-Day School w/KirkSold Out4$1849.95
February 4 - 63-Day School w/Kirk14$1849.95
February 18 - 203-Day School w/Kirk34$1849.95
February 25 - 273-Day School w/Kirk14$1849.95
March 4 - 63-Day School w/Kirk24$1849.95
March 18 - 203-Day School w/Kirk44$1849.95
March 25 - 273-Day School w/Kirk44$1849.95
April 1 - 33-Day School w/Kirk34$1849.95
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3 Day Schools

Setup 4 Impact 3 Day Schools are a great way to ease yourself into your new golf swing. Learn all the fundamentals necessary to play great golf with the Setup 4 Impact method from the ground up. In most schools  you will also have the chance to take your game to the course and get additional instruction in different scoring situations you can only find on the course!

1 Day Schools

Setup 4 Impact 1 Day Schools cover all the basics of the method.  We’ve condensed all the lessons to give you a great head start to perfecting your Setup 4 Impact swing. We focus on helping you customize the information so that you can make the fastest improvement possible.  


Course Management

Let’s say that you’ve hit your first shot off the tee and you’ve ended up in a tough position. You’re considering going for the green

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Club Fitting

Now that you’ve begun your journey with the Setup 4 Impact golf swing, you might start thinking about having your clubs fitted to your swing.

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Why Setup 4 Impact?

We get it. You aren’t quite sure why you would want to bother with an entirely new golf swing, especially when its so much different

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